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Information for amateur astronomers

Information and Links - Solar WorldsThe community of amateur astronomers around the world is growing fast and this fascinating hobby is probably more popular now than ever before. There are numerous resources across the Internet which provide useful information.

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Links Useful links to other websites offering useful information
Weather Weather information - satellite images

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Some useful links to other websites are listed below.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
British Astronomical Association Formed in 1890, the British Astronomical Association has an international reputation for the quality of its observational and scientific work. Membership is open to all persons interested in astronomy.
Cloudy Nights Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews offers comprehensive information on telescopes and accessories and hosts a very popular discussion forum.
Heavens Above Provides all the information you need to observe satellites such as the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle, spectacular events such as the dazzlingly bright flares from Iridium satellites as well as a wealth of other spaceflight and astronomical information.
Solar Worlds Digital Photography Check out my current portfolio of digital photographs

Amateur websites
Listed in alphabetical order, all thumbnail images, titles and descriptions are featured here with kind permission of the respective site authors.

All About Astro All About Astro Home of the Ballauer Observatory and astrophotography by Jay Ballauer, including image galleries and articles for amateurs
Rochus Hess Astrofotografie von Rochus Hess Astro photography by Rochus Hess from Austria - German language site
Astrohjørnet Astrohjørnet Amateur astronomy site with images of the night sky
Astroimaging by Antonello Medugno Astroimaging by Antonello Medugno High resolution planetary and deep sky images taken from Italy
Rob Gendler Astroimaging by Robert Gendler Rob Gendler has become established as one of the leading amateur astro photographers in the world. Based in Connecticut, he has had a keen interest in imaging since the mid 1990's and since published numerous breath-taking images.
Astro Imaging by Steven Juchnowski Astro Imaging page by Steven Juchnowski Astro Imaging mainly of Southern Sky objects including the relatively unknown and obscure
Ralph McIntosh Astrophotographie von Ralph McIntosh Personal homepage featuring various deep sky photos taken with DSLR cameras Astro webcam imaging by Astrophotography with a webcam and a modified Canon EOS 350d. Images of planets, solar H-alpha, lunar and deep sky objects taken with a Celestron 8 and Coronado Solar Max 40.
Wonderplanets Astro webcam imaging by Torsten Edelmann An attempt to obtain high-resolution lunar and planetary images with a webcam
Alan Friedman Averted Imagination A gallery of our solar system portrayed in high resolution by Alan Friedman
Backyard Backyard Photography and Astrophotography from Stirling, Scotland
Carranza Field Astronomers Carranza Field Astronomers Daniel McCauley's astro photos taken from Carranza Field, an astronomical viewing site located in Southern New Jersey
Immo Gerber Dark Force Astro (CCD-Imaging) CCD astro images by Immo Gerber from Germany. The ultimate aim for the future is to take long focal length high-resolution pictures of galaxies, nebulae and small deep sky objects. German language site.
Dean Rowe Dean Rowe Stunning astro images taken by Dean Rowe - worth checking out!
IceInSpace IceInSpace Australian Amateur Astronomy, News and Forums. A website dedicated to amateur astronomy in Australia and New Zealand
Hetlage Imaging the Cosmos-Astrophotography by Chris Hetlage A website dedicated to my hobby of digitally capturing the beauty of our
planet and universe
Jim's Unconventional Astrophotography Jim's Unconventional Astrophotography This site offers Astrophotography on a limited budget. One doesn't need to "break the bank" to get good astrophotographs. The site features images taken with good basic equipment
Len Marek's Astronomy Site Len Marek's Astronomy Site An informational website with plenty of background information on Len's astrophotos. Len welcomes all correspondence with other amateurs around the world
Pete Lawrence's Digital Sky Pete Lawrence's Digital Sky Pete Lawrence's interest in Astronomy originated in the early 70s. His website is a showcase for his work, entailing detailed Lunar, planetary and deep sky images. Pete is well known due to his many publications online and offline, as well as on radio and TV (including The Sky at Night).
Skygazer Skygazer Digital Astrophotography
Synner Astrophotography Synner Astrophotography An amateur's attempt to image the skies from a light polluted location
Tim's Astronomy and Astrophotography Tim's Astronomy and Astrophotography Website dedicated to amateur astronomy and astrophotography using web cams and digital SLR cameras. It features a gallery section as well as useful tips and tutorials.
Zodiac Light Zodiac Light Bill Christie's Astronomy and Astrophotography website, offering interesting background information on Astronomy and a useful introduction to Astrophotography


Eumetsat Meteosat image Latest Meteosat images and animation
Metcheck UK weather forecasts
Met Office Infrared satellite imagery Hourly infrared satellite images with 24-hour playback animation
Meteoblue European Seeing Prediction Detailed weather predictions for astronomers
(Click on 'Astronomy' at the top of the webpage, then select 'European Seeing Predictions')
Jetstream Forecast
Jetstream forecast animation
300 mb high level wind chart provided on the Unisys Weather website for aviation purposes. Purple areas correspond to low wind speeds and should correlate with good atmospheric seeing conditions.

The 300 mb chart shows the winds at the 300 mb level. The wind speeds are shown as color contours, the heights (bold white lines), temperatures in Celsius (thin red lines) and the vectors show wind direction and speed.
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