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Welcome to Solar Worlds, an amateur astronomer's view of the Universe
Imagine how many grains of sand there are on our deserts and beaches on Earth.
There are a million times that number of suns in the Universe, our Sun being just one of them. We see them as stars in the night sky, each one being its own unique solar world.

Solar Worlds

This site is dedicated to exploring solar worlds including our own solar system. Amateur astronomy allows us to have a glimpse at the Universe, even from light polluted cities such as London. Enjoy browsing!

Latest updates to the site:

Moon Flight Video - (c) Solar Worlds Moon Flight Video
What would it be like to fly across the surface of the Moon?
Check out this video recording...
M31 Andromeda Galaxy - September 2008 Andromeda Galaxy
Our nearest large neighbour galaxy is on collision course with our own Milky Way.
Hadley Rille - September 2008 Hadley Rille
My favourite spot on the Moon, Hadley Rille - which was visited by the Apollo 15 mission.

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